Yesterday, Al-Jazeera’s AJ Stream programme focused on the situation in Tanzania. The programme was really balanced and I believe went a long way towards raising awareness. However, for me the comments as the show was streamed on YouTube were the real story. There is much support for the Presidents approach along with discrediting individuals who are afraid to speak out openly. So, my fellow Tanzanians please consider this:

  1. Of the 116 countries that haven’t administered a single vaccine jab, 101 are developing countries with many in Africa. So, the white man wants to finish Tanzanians so much so they are vaccinating their people first.
  2. Do you want to live in an authoritarian state where people are afraid to speak openly about issues? Why are you judging someone by their accent and not listening to what is being said?
  3. President Magufuli now wants Tanzanians to wear a locally manufactured mask – why do you think his view is changing?
  4. The only COVID tests available in Tanzania are those that produce a negative result unless of course fruits and goats are involved.
  5. You think this is good economic policy? Tourism contributed to almost 20% of Tanzania’s GDP. COVID and refusal to vaccinate is a great advert, people will flock for safari.

The code word for COVID in Tanzania is ‘pneumonia’ as the virus is spreading unchecked. So, my Tanzanian brothers and sisters it is time to reconsider what you have been told. COVID isn’t a white man’s disease, we are all in this together. As long as there is COVID in Tanzania no one is safe with new variants emerging which may invalidate vaccinations.

How many people will die of ‘pneumonia’ before you will hold Magufuli to account?

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