Thank you Sir David Attenborough and the UK MP’s engaging with the situation in #Tanzania

I wanted to channel my anger and grief positively. A value my late father instilled in me was to take action and not complain. So, when dad died; I made a list of research groups, NGO’s, government ministers and individuals with a connection to Tanzania and wrote to them. I am immensely grateful to receive a reply of support from Sir. David Attenborough. My late father was a huge fan of his wildlife documentaries and even wrote a letter to him (of course he received a reply). My father was delighted and for many years his framed reply had pride of place in our shop.

I cannot thank my friends and colleagues enough for supporting me over the last couple of weeks; emotionally and also by exercising their democratic right by writing to their MP about the situation in Tanzania. It has been hugely reassuring to see many MP’s from all sides of the house acknowledge the grave situation in Tanzania and to recognise, that if left unchecked there is a very real impact on all of us in the UK and our plans to come out of lockdown. I want to thank Wera Hobhouse, Karin Smyth and Jacob Rees-Mogg for taking the time to reply and for committing to raising the issue in Tanzania with the relevant government minister. Sadly, I have yet to hear from my own MP David Warburton (I wrote to him on 16th February 2021). Tanzania isn’t some far away country from whom we can stay disconnected. Borders are porous and as it stands the virus has a sanctuary to mutate in Tanzania posing a threat to all of us.

That said, today is a good day and I am going to hang on to that.

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