Faith groups and religious leaders need to join efforts in #Tanzania to tackle the COVID crises

Today I have written to the following faith groups and religious leaders: Most Reverend, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury His Eminence, Archbishop Angaleos Roman Catholic Church, UK Methodist Church, UK Institute of Jainology His Eminence, Archbishop of Birmingham UK Bahai The Council of European Jamaats National Council of UK Ismaili Jamaat Sikh Federation UK BAPS […]

Powerful piece from Kim Sanderson about COVID denial in Tanzania

I am incredibly grateful to North East Bylines for shining a light on Tanzania’s plight. Kim Sanderson’s piece ‘Hakuna COVID’ asks a fundamental question, why is the UK not intervening? We used to take pride in our diplomatic efforts to help bring about change. Like many in the UK, I tuned into the Commonwealth Day celebrations on Sunday on […]

Vaccines for Tanzania on #CommonwealthDay

Tanzania and the UK have strong connections, in particular through the Commonwealth Association. The Commonwealth is unique as member states have no power over one another; instead, countries with diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds are regarded as equal in status and cooperate within a charter of shared values. The values include promoting democracy, human […]

The Pope’s visit to #Iraq gives a dangerous narrative to #Magufuli.

According to Tanzania’s Catholic Church more than 25 priests and 60 nuns have recently died with COVID like symptoms. ‘COVID like’ because the Tanzanian President has of course claimed the country was cured of the coronavirus with prayer. Since the last reported cases in April 2020, there is no COVID testing on the mainland. The […]

Another day, more bleak news from #Tanzania

I woke up to 22 messages on my WhatsApp. These days, I get really nervous when I see so many messages, gone are the easy days of funny forwards. These days it can only mean bad news – and it was. A family friend aged 38 died leaving his wife and mother in hospital, all […]


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